Volkswagen Front Wheel Drive 1974-1989 Repair Guide

Fuel System Service Precautions


Do not allow fuel spray or vapors to contact a heating element or open flame. DO NOT smoke while working on the vehicle.
Always relieve the fuel system pressure prior to disconnecting any fitting or fuel line connection.
To control spray when relieving system pressure, place a rag around the fitting before loosening it. Ensure that all fuel spillage is quickly wiped up and all fuel soaked rags are deposited into a proper fire safety container.
Always keep a dry chemical (Class B) fire extinguisher near the work area.
Always use a backup wrench when loosening/tightening line fittings. Always follow torque specifications.
Do not re-use fuel system gaskets and O-rings. Do not substitute fuel hose where pipe is installed.
Cleanliness is absolutely essential. Clean all fittings before opening and maintain a dust free work area.
Place parts on a clean surface and cover with paper or plastic to keep them clean. Do not cover with rags that may leave fuzz.