Volkswagen Front Wheel Drive 1974-1989 Repair Guide

Fuel System Service Precautions


Do not allow fuel spray or fuel vapors to come into contact with a heating element or open flame. Do not smoke while working on the fuel system.
To control fuel spills, place a shop towel around the fitting prior to loosening to catch the spray. Ensure that all fuel spillage is quickly wiped up and that fuel soaked rags are deposited into a fire safe container.
Always use a backup wrench when loosening and tightening fuel line fittings. Always follow the proper torque specifications.
Do not re-use fuel system gaskets and O-rings; replace with new ones. Do not substitute fuel hose where fuel pipe is installed.
Cleanliness is absolutely essential. Clean all fittings before opening them and maintain a dust free work area while the system is open.
Place removed parts on a clean surface and cover with paper or plastic to keep them clean. Do not cover with rags that can leave fuzz on the parts.