Volkswagen Front Wheel Drive 1974-1989 Repair Guide

Timing Sprockets



See Figures 1, 2 and 3

The 12-point crankshaft sprocket bolt is meant to be used one time only and must be replaced when removed.

Depending on the year and model, the timing sprockets are located on the shaft by a key, a self-contained drive lug, or in the case of early diesel engine camshaft, a tapered fit. All sprockets are retained by a bolt. To remove any or all sprockets, removal of the timing belt cover(s) and belt is required. The old hex head washered style bolt on many engine crankshaft sprockets has been replaced with a new 12-point stretch bolt that does not have a washer. If removed, this bolt must be thrown away and replaced. The crankshaft threads can accept the new style bolts, however, washers must not be used.

When removing the crankshaft pulley, it is not necessary to remove the four bolts which hold the outer component drive pulley to the timing belt sprocket. Remove the component drive belt, center retaining bolt and crankshaft pulley. To remove the crankshaft sprocket on 5-cylinder models, refer to thecrankshaft damper procedurein this section.

  1. Remove the timing belt covers and the timing belt. The crankshaft sprocket should slide off easily when the center bolt is removed. Don't lose the Woodruff key.

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Fig. Fig. 1: A breaker bar is essential for loosening the timing sprocket bolts

  1. Remove the cylinder head cover.