Volkswagen Front Wheel Drive 1974-1989 Repair Guide

Maintenance Groups



The general maintenance procedures are performed most often. They include:

Change the engine oil and filter.
Check the transaxle fluid level.
Drain the water from the fuel filter or water separator on diesel engines.
Cleaning or replacement of the air filter.
Test the freeze point of the coolant and check the fluid level.
Check the battery electrolyte level.
Check the brake fluid level.


Performing these procedures at the intended interval will help you maintain good engine and emission control equipment performance:

Check the tension and condition of all drive belts.
Adjust the valves.
Perform a cylinder compression test.
Replace the spark plugs on gasoline engines.
Replace the ignition condenser and points on gasoline engines without electronic ignition.
On certain years and models, clean or replace the fuel filter.
Inspect the ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor on gasoline engines.
Check the crankcase ventilation hoses for cracks and blockage.
Check the fuel tank, lines and connections for damage and leaks.
Check the engine and transaxle for leaks.
Check the EGR system on gasoline engines.
If applicable, check and adjust the clutch.


Properly maintaining the vehicle at the specified intervals will contribute to safety and ensure component reliability:

Inspect the brake system for damage and leaks.
Inspect the brake shoes and/or pads.
Check the wheels for distortion and cracks.
Check the tires for wear and correct pressure.
Inspect the boots and dust seals on the transaxle for rips or leaks.
Check for excessive play in the steering.
Check for proper operation of all lights and accessories.