Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/Cabriole 1990-1999

Motronic 2.9


The motronic 2.9 engine management system was designed by the Robert Bosch® Corporation. This system combines the ignition and fuel systems together and incorporates a built in diagnostic system. The motronic 2.9 system on the 1993-95 2.0L and the VR6 is of the adaptive type that can adjust the fuel air ratio as needed. No adjustments can be made. Fuel metering is controlled via the input from various sensors such as engine speed and the mass of the incoming air. On this system, the camshaft position sensor relays the number one firing position to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Throttle position is measured through the use of a position sensor. A heated oxygen sensor is used to measure the amount oxygen in the exhaust stream.