Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/Cabriole 1990-1999




The flywheel bolts are stretch bolts and cannot be used again once they have been removed. Make sure new bolts are on hand before removing the flywheel.

  1. On automatic transaxles, mark the flywheel so it can be installed with the same face towards the transaxle.
  3. The flywheel bolts are secured with a thread locking compound and will be difficult to remove. Use VW tool 558 or an equivalent locking tool to hold the flywheel from turning.
  5. Remove the bolts and remove the flywheel. Clean the thread locking compound out of the bolt holes in the crankshaft with a tap.
  7. Before installing the automatic transaxle flywheel:

    Temporarily install the flywheel with only 2 bolts.
    Use a depth caliper to measure the distance between the outer face of the ring gear and the cylinder block.
    The distance must be 1.20-1.28 inches (30.6-32mm). Remove the flywheel and change the shims as required.
    Install the flywheel and apply a thread locking compound to the bolts. Torque the bolts in the sequence shown to 22 ft. lbs. (30 Nm). After tightening all the bolts, tighten them an additional 1 / 4 turn in the same sequence.