Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/Cabriole 1990-1999



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Fig. The VIN tag is located at the lower left corner of the dashboard

All models have the standard 17 digit VIN plate on the left side of the dashboard, visible through the windshield. On Golf and Jetta, a second plate is on the top of the cowling behind the engine. On Cabriolet, the VIN also appears on the model identification plate in the luggage compartment.

The VIN number will show information on where the vehicle was manufactured, body style, engine type, passenger restraint system, vehicle model, model year, and the sequential serial number. This information can be helpful when locating parts or specifications.

Throughout this guide, certain procedures are covered by "platform" instead of model year. It is important to know which platform your particular vehicle is based upon, so you can refer to the correct procedure.

Platform breakdown:

1990-1994 Cabriolet: A1 platform
1995-1999 Cabrio: A3 platform
1990-1992 Golf: A2 platform
1993-1999 Golf: A3 platform
1990-1992 Jetta: A2 platform
1993-1999 Jetta: A3 platform
1990-1994 Fox: Fox platform

Notice that the Cabriolet/Cabrio skips a platform generation. The A1 platform was a carryover from the 1984 and earlier Rabbits and Jetta's. In 1993, the A3 platform was introduced, which replaced the 1985-1992 A2 platform, while the Cabriolet remained an A1 platform. In 1995, the newly-designed A3-platformed Cabrio joined the Golf and Jetta.

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