Volvo 240/740/760/780/940/960 1990-1998

Diagnosis and Testing


The best way to perform this procedure is to use a spark tester (available at most automotive parts stores). The Air Gap type must be adjusted to the individual spark plug gap specified for the engine. This type of tester allows the user to not only detect the presence of spark, but also the intensity (orange/yellow is weak, blue is strong).

  1. Remove a coil from a cylinder.
  3. Connect the coil to the spark tester and ground the tester to an appropriate location on the engine.

The coil must be connected to the harness during this test.

  1. Crank the engine and check for spark at the tester.
  3. If spark exists at the tester, the ignition system is functioning properly.
  5. If spark does not exist at the spark tester, there is a fault in the ignition system. Further testing of the ignition system is needed. refer to component testing procedures.