Volvo 240/740/760/780/940/960 1990-1998

Clutch Master Cylinder



The clutch master cylinder is located on the firewall, below the brake master cylinder, and adjacent to the power brake booster.

On some models, the clutch and brake fluid share the same reservoir and, therefore, the same fluid requirements. The clutch fluid level is checked when the brake fluid level is checked. The fluid level in the reservoir has MIN and MAX markings, and the fluid level is OK if it is between these two lines.

Low fluid level may indicate worn brakes.

Brake fluid contains polyglycol ethers and polyglycols. Avoid contact with the eyes and wash your hands thoroughly after handling brake fluid. If you do get brake fluid in your eyes, flush your eyes with clean, running water for 15 minutes. If eye irritation persists, or if you have taken brake fluid internally, IMMEDIATELY seek medical assistance.

On models with a separate clutch master cylinder, the fluid should be in between the MIN and MAX levels.