Volvo 240/740/760/780/940/960 1990-1998

Regina Fuel Injection System



The Regina fuel injection system is a self-diagnosing system that is capable of storing up to 3 fault codes in its memory. It is used in conjunction with the REX-1 ignition system. Both are adaptive systems that are capable of multiple adjustments based on previous driving. If a fault occurs, a warning lamp lights up the instrument panel. Fault tracing can be carried out using the diagnostic program.

The Regina fuel system is characterized by the following:

A pressure sensor for measuring engine load
An air mass meter for measuring air intake volume
A separate cold start valve to ensure starting at low temperatures
An automatic idle shut-off valve if power is lost
An induction sensor, mounted on the flywheel, to indicate rpm and crankshaft position through the ignition system control unit
An electrically heated oxygen sensor (Lambda-sond)
EVAP system to minimize evaporation from the fuel tank
Three-way catalytic converter

Various input sensors feed information that is interpreted by the control unit to achieve optimum efficiency. The control unit receives signals from the pressure sensor, air intake temperature sensor and receives crankshaft position information from the ignition control unit, without which the system will not function. The coolant temperature sensor, oxygen sensor and throttle switch also send information to the control unit.