Volvo 240/740/760/780/940/960 1990-1998




Manual Seats

The front seat and its rails may be unbolted from the floor of the vehicle. Many vehicles have heated seats; it will be necessary to disconnect the wiring harness for this system before removing the seat.

It is necessary to remove the seat belt anchor from the side of the seat. Remove the screw in the rear of the side pocket, lift the pocket out of the way and remove the seat belt bolt.

After all the retaining bolts are removed, the front seat is removed by sliding the seat to the rear of its track and lifting upwards to free the seat from the catches.

The rear seat cushion is removed by pressing down directly over the retaining clips (freeing the hook from the loop) and lifting the cushion clear. The rear seat backrest is held by catches which hold the upper bar in place. These catches can be released with a screwdriver; don't bend them anymore than needed or reassembly will be very difficult.

When reassembling the rear seat, always install the backrest first. Make sure that every clip engages properly and is firmly closed.

Power Front Seats
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Remove the plastic rail covers as necessary and remove the front bolts holding the seat tracks to the vehicle. Loosen but do not remove the bolts at the rear of the tracks.
  5. Gently elevate the front of the seat; identify and label the wiring running to the seat components. Disconnect the seat wiring connectors.

Do not disconnect any wiring for other components. Many other units may be found under the seat-leave them connected at all times.

  1. Remove the rear mounting bolts and lift the seat clear of the vehicle. It will be heavy-a helper inside the vehicle can ease removal.
  3. Either support the seat on crates or a clean workbench or place the seat on a clean blanket to protect it.

To install:
  1. Position the seat onto the floor and attach the wiring harnesses.
  3. Align the mounting holes and tighten the seat mounting bolts.
  5. Install the rail covers.
  7. Connect the negative battery cable.