Volvo 240/740/760/780/940/960 1990-1998



All 1990-98 Volvos are equipped with a servo operated steering system. The steering gear is of the rack and pinion type. A vane-type servo pump is belt-driven from the crankshaft. Wheel deflection is limited by a stop in the steering gear and cannot be adjusted.

In addition, these vehicles are equipped with a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). The SRS system consists of an inflatable bag located in the center of the steering wheel. The bag is normally folded up, but is instantly inflated in the event of certain types of collision. The SRS provides extra safety, in addition to the seat belts.

All work which includes removing or replacing the air bag assembly must be carried out with the battery disconnected and with the ignition turned OFF for the duration of work. This is to ensure that the air bag does not accidentally inflate during service repairs and that no faults codes will register, requiring subsequent cancellation.