Volvo 240/740/760/780/940/960 1990-1998

Safety Precautions


Before beginning work which could affect the SRS system, always turn the ignition OFF , disconnect the negative battery cable AND TAPE the end of the cable.
When working around the instrument panel or steering column, take special care to ensure that the SRS wiring are not pinched, chafed or penetrated by bolts/screws, etc. This is most likely to happen when installing the sound insulation, knee bolsters, ignition lock or steering column cover.
When repairs are made to the front suspension and steering, be aware that the contact reel can only withstand being turned 3 turns in either direction.
Never service the steering shaft or steering gear without first locking the contact reel and removing the steering wheel.
When fault tracing the SRS system with the air bag assembly in place, install the special tool 998 8695 or equivalent. This tool has the same resistance as the air bag assembly. The use of this tool prevent accidental air bag inflation and fault code registration during work.