Volvo Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1970-1989 Repair Guide

Injection Lines



See Figure 1

If a fuel line under the hood should become damaged or leaky, do not attempt to weld or repair it. Replacement is required in all situations. Before disassembling any of the lines, mark the location of the plastic or metal clamps which bridge the lines. These clamps are important in suppressing vibration which may loosen or damage the lines. Clamps must be reinstalled in the exact positions from which they were removed.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Make sure all clamps are properly in place to prevent excessively harsh vibration to the lines

  1. Clean all the connections carefully. Remove the vacuum pump, place it to the side and remove the plunger from the cylinder head.
  3. Mark the position of all the line clamps, and disconnect ALL the fuel delivery pipes, even if you're only changing one.
  5. Remove the clamp(s) holding the pipe(s) to be replaced. Install the new one, but do not tighten the fittings at this point.
  7. Reinstall the clamps in their original positions. When the clamps are secure, tighten the pipe fittings to 18 ft. lbs. (24 Nm).
  9. Making sure that the number one cylinder is on TDC-injection, (the flywheel notch is at the zero mark and the lobes on the camshaft for No. 1 cylinder point upward at equally large angles-you can check the camshaft lobes by looking in through the oil filler hole in the valve cover), reinstall the pump plunger and the vacuum pump.
  11. Start the engine and check for leaks. The fuel system will bleed itself of air, but a few seconds will be required until the engine runs smoothly.