Volvo Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1970-1989 Repair Guide

Safety Precautions


Whenever working on or around any fuel injection system, always observe these general precautions to prevent the possibility of personal injury and/or damage to the fuel system components.

The fuel system is under pressure. Release pressure slowly and contain spillage. Observe no smoking/no open flame precautions.
Never install or remove battery cables with the key ON or the engine running. Jumper cables should be connected with the key OFF to avoid power surges that can damage electronic control units. Engines equipped with fuel injection units should (where possible) avoid giving or receiving jump starts to avoid the risk of serious damage by electrical arcing.
Always remove the battery cables before charging the battery. Never use a high output charger on an installed battery. Never use any type of "hot-shot" (24 volt) starting aid.
Never attach or remove wiring harness connectors with the ignition switch OFF , especially to the electronic control unit.
Always depressurize the fuel system before disconnecting any fuel lines.
Always use clean rags and tools when working on an open fuel injection system and take extreme care to prevent any dirt from entering the system.
Wipe all components clean before installation and prepare a clean work area for any disassembly or inspection. Avoid the use of caustic cleaning solvents.
Avoid any rough handling of components. If a component is dropped or subjected to impact, consider it failed until thoroughly checked for all functions.
Remove the electronic control unit if the vehicle is to be in an environment with temperatures over 170°F (77°C), such as a paint spray booth. Remove the ECU if any welding is to be done on the car.