Volvo Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1970-1989 Repair Guide

Brake Disc (Rotor)



See Figure 1

The rear discs are removed in the same manner as the front discs. After removing the wheel, brake pads and caliper, hang the caliper out of the way. The disc will have the small retaining screws on the face; loosen them and the disc will come free.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Remove the caliper, the small retaining screws, then the disc

Late model 700 Series with Multi-Link rear suspension have a small stud threaded into the disc. While helping to locate the wheel, this stud also retains the disc to the hub. Loosen it and the disc comes free. Note that it is NOT necessary to loosen the large center hub nut to remove the disc. Please don't.

Although the outer part of the rear disc serves as the contact surface for the hydraulic (foot) brakes, the inner surface is the contact surface for the cable operated emergency/parking brake. If you plan to have the discs re-faced, also check the condition of the inner face. It generally stays in good shape, but can become scored from dust and grit. The maximum allowable diameter for this drum is 6.32 in. (16cm). Diameters in excess of this measurement require discarding the disc.