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4T40-E/4T45-E A/T

The Hydra-Matic 4T40-E transmission has a metal identification nameplate (1) attached to the case exterior.

Items listed on the ID nameplate:

Position 1: Transaxle
Position 2: Calendar Year
Position 3: Julian Date or Day of the Year
Position 4: Shift and Line Number
Position 5: Model Year
Position 6: Model
Position 7: Part Number
Position 8: Serial Number in Base Code 34
Position 9: Plant
Position 10: Broadcast Code
Position 11: Control Number
Position 12: Serial Number

Additional transmission identification information is provided on the Service Parts Identification label. This label shows the Regular Production Options (RPO) as well as the standard and mandatory options. This label is affixed to the inside of each vehicle at the assembly plant.

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Fig. All automatic transmissions have a metal Identification (ID) nameplate (1) attached to the case exterior

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Fig. Metal identification nameplate

5AT 5-Speed A/T

The first 4 digits indicate transmission/transaxle type, and the last 7 digits indicate serial number, on the tag (1).

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Fig. Location of Transmission ID tag