Vue 2006-2007

Malfunction Indicator Light



  1. Proper operation of the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL):

    The MIL will illuminate with the ignition switch ON and the engine OFF
    The MIL will turn OFF when the engine is started
    The MIL will remain ON if the self-diagnostic system has detected a malfunction
    The MIL may turn OFF if the malfunction is no longer present
    If the MIL is illuminated and then the engine stalls, the MIL will remain illuminated as long as the ignition switch is ON
    If the MIL is not illuminated and the engine stalls, the MIL will not illuminate until the ignition switch is cycled OFF, then ON

  3. Resetting the MIL:
    If the error symptoms causing the MIL to illuminate have been corrected, the MIL will return to normal operation.

    The control module turns OFF the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) after 3 consecutive ignition cycles that the diagnostic system runs and does not fail
    A current Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) clears when the diagnostic cycle runs and passes
    There may still be a history of DTC-s stored in the system. These will clear after 40 consecutive warm-up cycles, if no failures are reported by any other related diagnostic system
    Manual resetting of the MIL and any DTC stored in the system, requires the use of an OBD2 scan tool connected to the data link connector for communication with the vehicle. Follow the instructions of the scan tool for both retrieval and resetting of DTC-s.