Zephyr 2006, Fusion & Milan 2006-2007, MKZ 2007

General Information


The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Roll Stability Control (RSC) and traction assist consists of the following components:

Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU)
ABS module (also controls the RSC system and traction assist system)
Stability/traction control switch
Steering wheel rotation sensor
Stability control sensor cluster (contains the accelerometer[s], roll rate sensor and yaw rate sensor)
Front wheel speed sensors
Front wheel speed sensor tone rings (integral to the halfshafts)
Rear wheel speed sensors
Rear wheel speed sensor tone rings (integral to the halfshafts)
Brake pressure transducer (integral to the HCU)
Brake fluid level switch
Red brake warning indicator
Yellow ABS warning indicator
Traction assist/roll stability control indicator ("sliding car" indicator)