A/C Clutch Pulley and Rim


  • Remove the retaining nut.
  • While holding the clutch plate with a strap wrench or clutch plate holding tool, remove the shaft or hub nut.
  • Some clutches use shaft keys and shims which require removal. Set them aside for future use.
  • Use snap ring pliers to remove the snap ring.
  • Use a pulley remover to remove the pulley and bearing assembly.
  • Install the pulley and bearing assembly on the front of the compressor. If properly aligned, the assembly should slide on. If difficult, use pulley replacer and tap lightly with a plastic hammer. Do not use unnecessary force.
  • Apply a drop of thread lock to the threads of the pulley retainer nut.
  • Install the pulley retainer nuts and tighten to specifications.
  • Replace the keys and shims as necessary.
  • Install the nut and tighten to specifications.
  • Support the pulley with the proper clutch pulley support.
  • drive out the bearing(s) using a and .
  • If necessary, make sure the dust shield and retainer is in place before installing a new bearing.
  • Install the new bearing(s) use the bearing installer and hammer. Bearing(s) must be fully seated. Take care not to damage the bearing with hard blows of the hammer.
  • Reinstall the bearing retainer snap ring.

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