Pinion Bearing


  • Remove the driveshaft.
  • Remove the pinion seal.
  • Parts involved in a typical pinion seal replacement are shown below. A very important part of this job is to maintain the tension on the pinion bearing crush sleeve. One way of maintaining crush sleeve tension is to mark the nut and pinion shaft before disassembly. After reassembly, tighten an additional 1/8 turn past the mark.
  • Another method of maintaining pinion bearing crush sleeve tension is to use a dial indicator torque wrench when removing the nut. Not the torque required to loosen it. During reinstallation of the nut, add 5 pounds to the former torque to recompress the old crush sleeve.
  • Always use a long bar to hold the yoke from turning while loosening the pinion nut. Using an impact wrench can damage the ring and pinion or the pinion bearings.
  • Use a puller to remove the flange. Do not use a hammer. A flange can be easily bent, which will cause a driveline vibration.
  • Remove the seal with a hammer and chisel. Install the new seal with a seal installer to avoid cocking or damaging it. Lube the lip of the new seal and the mating surface on the companion flange before reinstalling it.