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    Quick Boot - CV


    CV quick boots are split boots that can be replaced without removing the driveaxle.

    To replace the boots:

    • Begin boot removal by cutting and discarding the boot clamps.
    • Scribe a mark around the axle to indicate the boot's position on the shaft. Then, remove the boot off the joint.
    • Remove the circlip and separate the joint from the shaft.
    • Slide the old boot off the shaft.
    • Wipe the axle shaft clean and install the new boot onto the shaft.
    • Place the boot into its proper location on the shaft and install a new clamp.
    • Using a new circlip, reinstall the joint on the shaft. Pack joint grease into the joint and boot. The entire pack of grease that comes with a new boot needs to be forced into the boot and joint.
    • Pull the boot over the joint and into its proper position. Use a dull screwdriver to lift an edge of the boot up. This will equalize the pressure inside the boot with the outside air.
    • Install the new large boot clamp.

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