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    Brake Disc



    Dragging brakes make the vehicle feel as if it has lost or is losing power as it drives down the road. The problem also wastes a lot of fuel and generates destructive amounts of heat that can cause serious brake damage and brake failure. While trying to find the cause of this problem, check the parking brake first. Make sure it is off. Check the rear wheels to make sure the parking brakes are released when they should be. If the problem is not in the parking brakes, check for sticky or seized pistons at the calipers and wheel cylinders.


    When the brakes seem to be overly sensitive to pedal pressure, they are grabbing. Normally this problem is caused by contaminated brake linings. If the linings are covered or saturated with oil, find the source of the oil and repair it. Then replace the pads and refinish or replace the rotor.


    If the customer's complaint is noisy brakes, verify during the road test that the problem is in the brakes. If the noise is caused by the brakes, pay attention to the type of noise and let that lead to the source of the problem. Remember, some brake pads have wear sensors that are designed to make a high-pitched squeal when the pads are worn. Other causes could be the rotor rubbing against the splash shield or that something has become wedged between the rotor and another part of the vehicle. Noise may also be caused by failure to install all of the hardware when placing a caliper or brake pads in service.


    When a vehicle drifts or pulls to one side while cruising or when braking, the cause could be in the brake system or in the steering and suspension system. Check the inflation of the tires, the tires' tread condition, and verify that the tires on each axle are the same size. Check the operation of the brakes. If only one front wheel is actually doing the braking, the vehicle will seem to stumble or pivot on that one wheel. If no problems are found in the brake system, suspect an alignment or suspension problem.

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