Brake Shoe Lining


Automotive friction materials often contain substantial amounts of asbestos. Studies indicate that exposure to excessive amounts of asbestos dust can be a potential health hazard. It is important that anyone handling brake linings understands this and takes the necessary precautions to avoid injury.

  • Inspect the linings for uneven wear, imbedded foreign material, loose rivets, and to see if they are oil soaked. If linings are oil soaked, replace them.
  • If linings are otherwise serviceable, tighten or replace loose rivets, remove imbedded foreign material, and clean the rivet counterbores.
  • If linings at any wheel show a spotty wear pattern or an uneven contact with the brake drum, it is an indication that the linings are not centered in the drums. Linings should be circle ground to provide better contact with the drum.