Camshaft Gear


Cam gears are either pressed or bolted to the camshaft. Although it is uncommon, cam gears sometimes break. Inspect them for cracks. To do this, you will need to partially disassemble the engine.

The gear on the camshaft may be steel for heavy-duty applications, or it may be made of aluminum or pressed fiber when quiet operation is a major consideration.

The gears are helical in design. Helical gears are used because they are stronger and also tend to push the camshaft backward during operation to help prevent the camshaft from walking out of the block.

Courtesy of Ford Motor Company.

Wear in the chain, gears, or sprockets means a timing lag, which results in poor engine performance.

There are factory timing marks on the crankshaft gear or sprocket and on the camshaft gear or sprocket.

Factory timing marks can be found on the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets.

The timing marks on all the gears must be positioned according to the manufacturer's instructions.