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    1979 Subaru Standard 1.6L 2BL 4cyl

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    Point Set and Condenser - Ignition


    • Older vehicles may be equipped with breaker point switching mechanisms (also known as point sets). To inspect the mechanism, remove the distributor cap and rotor.
    • Check the points and condenser to make sure they are securely fastened.
    • Push the breaker points open with a screwdriver and check the condition of the contact surfaces. Badly oxidized (blackened) or pitted points should be replaced.
    • Over time, points get burned. This can cause intermittent misfiring that will probably not be noticed until there is a complete breakdown.
    • Points have a rubbing block that rides against the distributor cam. When this rubbing block wears down, the point gap becomes narrower. This retards the ignition timing.
    • A failed condenser can ground out the ignition system, causing the engine not to run.

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