Pushrod removal procedures vary according to engine manufacturer, refer to your vehicle manual for instructions.

You'll need to remove the rocker arms to remove the pushrod. Rocker arm style determines pushrod removal procedures.

Stud-Mounted Rockers

Loosen the nuts on their studs before disassembly and cleaning and turn the rocker arms to the side to remove the pushrods. Keep the pushrods in order so they can be reassembled to their original places.

Shaft-Mounted Rockers

Shaft-mounted rockers should be loosened slowly and evenly. If all the bolts but one are loosened, the pressure of multiple valve springs will be exerted on only one rocker tower, and damage can result. Next, remove the pushrods.

Keep all parts in order: Parts become "wear-mated" to each other; they should be returned to their original positions if they are to be reused.

Pushrods can be pushed through holes made in a piece of cardboard. Some engines use pushrods of varying lengths. These with must be kept in order.

Install the pushrods. Lubricate all wear areas thoroughly.

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