Sway Bar Repair Kit and Bushing


A sway bar repair kit contains a sway bar link (or stabilizer link) and all of the bolts and nuts, rubber-mounting bushings and washers required to replace a sway bar link.

A stabilizer bar and links. Courtesy of General Motors Corporation, Service Technology Group.

Sway bar links connects the lower control arm to the sway bar. It is attached to the frame with rubber bushings and bolts.

Parts are insulated from each other with rubber bushings. Courtesy of Moog Automotive, Inc.

To inspect the sway bar link and bushings, inspect the bushings at both ends of the stabilizer bar. Look to see if :

  • The link or bushings are worn.
  • Have taken a permanent set.
  • Or if they are missing.
Inspect stabilizer bushings. Courtesy of Moog Automotive, Inc.