EGR Valve


There are many variations from one vehicle application to the next in emission control systems and calibration. Therefore, it is extremely important that you get the correct replacement exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve for the application. Two EGR valves may look identical, but be calibrated differently in terms of flow and the amount of vacuum and/or backpressure it takes to open the valve. Therefore, you may have to refer to the vehicle's VIN number as well as year, make, model and engine size when ordering a replacement EGR valve. If may also be necessary to refer to the OEM part number on the old EGR valve (if possible) when ordering a replacement. If so, don't throw the old EGR valve away until you have installed the new one and made sure it's working correctly.

Many aftermarket EGR valves are "consolidated," so fewer part numbers are necessary to cover a wider range of vehicle applications. Some of these valves use interchangeable restricters to alter their flow characteristics. Follow the suppliers instructions as to which restricter to use for the correct calibration.