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    Transmission Seal


    Front Pump Seal

    A front pump seal replacement requires that the transmission be removed from the vehicle.

    To replace the seal:

    • Place a drain pan under the torque converter and remove it from the transmission.
    Remove the torque converter from the transmission. Courtesy of Ford Motor Company.
    • If you quickly rotate it so the transmission end faces up, very little fluid will leak out.
    • Remove the old seal with a chisel, hook puller, or slide hammer seal puller (Figure a).
    • Install the seal on the installer and drive the seal into the pump. (Figure b).
      (a) Remove the old seal from the pump housing. (b) Install the seal on the installer and drive the seal into the pump. Courtesy of Ford Motor Company.

    Shift Lever Seal

    It's sometimes necessary to remove the pan and valve body to be able to remove the shift lever shaft. The shift lever to the manual valve is sealed with a lip seal or O-ring. Check the service manual for procedures.

    Rear Oil Seal

    Replacement of the rear oil seal (also called the extension housing seal) on rear wheel drive cars requires removal of the driveshaft. the old seal can be removed with a chisel or a special seal puller. special drivers are available for installing the new seal.

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