Throttle Body Assembly


Whenever it is necessary to remove the throttle body assembly for replacement or cleaning, make sure you follow the procedures outlined by the manufacturer.

  • Also begin by connecting a 12-volt power supply (if available) to the cigarette lighter socket and disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • If the vehicle is equipped with an air bag, wait one minute. Then, remove the throttle body according to recommendations.
  • Once the assembly has been removed, remove all nonmetallic parts such as the throttle position (TP) sensor, idle air-control (IAC) valve, throttle opener, and the throttle body gasket from the throttle body.
  • Now it is safe to clean the throttle body assembly in the recommended throttle body cleaner and blow dry with compressed air.
  • Blow out all passages in the throttle body assembly.
  • Before reinstalling the throttle body assembly, make sure all metal mating surfaces are clean and free from metal burrs and scratches.
  • Make sure you have new gaskets and seals for all sealing surfaces before you begin to reinstall the assembly. After everything that was disconnected is reconnected, reconnect the negative battery cable and disconnect the 12-volt power supply.