Oil Pan - Transmission


A common cause of fluid leakage is the seal of the oil pan.

  • If there are signs of leakage around the rim of the pan, re-torquing the pan bolts may correct the problem.
  • If tightening the pan does not correct the problem, the pan must be removed and a new gasket installed.

After an oil pan is removed, check the bottom of the pan for deposits and metal particles. Slight contamination, blackish deposits from clutches and bands, is normal. Other contaminants should be of concern.

Also check the screw holes in the pan to see that they are not raised up from previous overtightening. Use a hammer to flatten them against an anvil.

After inspecting the residue in the pan, clean the oil pan and its magnet with a lint-free rag.

Occasionally, lint from shop rags is found plugging up the transmission screen or filter.