Flywheel (Manual Transmission)


Inspect the flywheel closely for stress or heat cracks. Flywheels can develop cracks as a result of overheating because of a slipping clutch. If the cracks are deep or the flywheel is excessively blue, replace the flywheel.

Flywheels with light scoring and surface cracks can be resurfaced. In addition, warpage can be removed during the resurfacing procedure. The clutch disc must have a flat surface to ride against. If the fly wheel is warped, the contact surface for the disc is reduced, causing it to slip and overheat.

Flywheels also contain the starter ring gear. Inspect the gear for damage.

Flywheel Noises

A loose flywheel causes a thumping noise at the back of the engine. This noise varies depending on the looseness of the flywheel. To correct this problem requires transmission removal and tightening of the flywheel-to-crankshaft bolts. If the bolts in the flywheel are damaged, flywheel replacement is necessary.