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    Radiator Fan Motor


    The fan that draws cool air across the radiator can be driven by either a belt or electricity. Rotating fans can be dangerous. Some are controlled by an automatic switch and can start unexpectedly. When working on electric fans, keep in mind that electric cooling fans should be disconnected when working around them.

    When replacing a radiator fan motor, always refer to the vehicle's service manual. The following is a general guide for cooling fan replacement.

    • Disconnect the negative battery terminal at the battery. This is necessary on vehicles using electric fans, but some vehicles may require the relocation of the charging system components.
    • Drain the cooling system.
    • Loosen or remove the hose clamps, then remove the upper and lower hoses from the radiator.
    • Disconnect the transmission cooling lines and plug them off, if equipped.
    • Disconnect the electric fan motor connector, if equipped.
    • Remove the fasteners attaching the fan module to the radiator.
    • On some vehicles equipped with air conditioning systems, it may be necessary to discharge the system. This is the case if the radiator and condenser can not be separated in the vehicle.
    • Remove the upper radiator cross member or mounts.
    • Disconnect and plug the air conditioning lines at the condenser, if needed.
    • Remove the radiator and fan module as one unit if possible.
    • Separate the fan module from the radiator.
    • If required, separate the radiator from the condenser.
    • Remove the old fan module.
    • Install the new fan module onto the radiator.
    • Reattach the fasteners attaching the fan module to the radiator.
    • If equipped, connect the electric fan motor connector.
    • Reinstall the radiator.
    • Refill the cooling system.

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