Oil Filter


The following instructions explain how to replace an oil filter.

  • Always make sure the vehicle is positioned safely on a lift or supported by jack stands before working under it.
  • Before raising the vehicle, allow the engine to run awhile. After it is warm, turn off the engine.
  • The tools and other items needed to change the engine's oil and oil filter are rags, a funnel, an oil filter wrench, safety glasses, and a wrench for the drain plug.
  • Place the oil drain pan under the drain plug before beginning to drain the oil.
  • Loosen the drain plug with the appropriate wrench.
  • After the drain plug is loosened, quickly remove it so the oil can freely drain from the oil pan.
  • Make sure the drain pan is positioned so it can catch all of the oil.
  • While the oil is draining, use an oil filter wrench to loosen and remove the oil filter.
  • Oil filters may be located in the oil pan, attached to the engine block, timing cover or remotely mounted with oil lines connecting to the filter mounted to the oil galleries in the engine block.
  • Make sure the oil filter seal came off with the filter. Then place the filter into the drain pan so it can drain.
  • Drain the filter for at least 24 hours, then crush and recycle it.
used oil and oil filters must be disposed of properly and in accordance to local, state and federal laws. autozone accepts used oil from diyers for recycling. to find out more information go to Store Services .
  • Wipe off the oil filter sealing area on the engine block.
  • Then apply a coat of clean engine oil onto the new filter's seal.
  • There are several designs of oil filters. Always use the type of filter that if recommended for your vehicle.
Art courtesy of Delmar - Thomson Learning.