A/C Condenser


There are three possible malfunctions of a condenser:

  • A leak due to rust and corrosion or by being struck by a sharp object or stone.
  • A restriction if a tube has been bent when struck with an outside object, such as a stone, with insufficient force to cause a leak but sufficient to kink or collapse a tube.
A restricted condenser may also result in excessive compressor or discharge pressure. A partial restriction can cause a temperature change and even frost or ice to form immediately after the restriction. In this case, the restriction is serving as a metering device.
  • Restricted airflow through the condenser caused by dirt, debris, or foreign matter. When the airflow through the condenser is restricted or blocked, high discharge pressures will result.
    • Look for blockage of the condenser fins with either mud or leaves. Clean mud and dirt away with water.
Though not easily detected, the outlet tube of the condenser may be slightly cooler than the inlet tube during normal operation.