Oil Pump Screen


To access most oil pump screens, the engine oil pan must be removed.

  • The oil pump sump screen, or pickup, must be checked to be sure it is clean.
  • A new oil pump does not come with a new screen.
  • Some rebuilders replace every screen with a new one.
  • A plugged screen can ruin a new engine in a very short time.
This pump screen is full of large pieces of foreign material. Courtesy of Federal-Mogul Corporation.
When the bypass valve opens on a cold morning, the foreign material will be sucked into the oil pump. Courtesy of Federal-Mogul Corporation.
  • On a newly cleaned screen, make sure that the bypass is not struck permanently open.
This pump screen is defective; the bypass should be seated against the strap.
  • Be certain that a screen does not have any loose or damaged wire mesh that could break loose and cause oil pump failure.