When the cause of charging system failure is the AC generator, it should be removed and replaced or rebuilt. Whether it is rebuilt or replaced depends on the type of generator it is, the time and cost required to rebuild it, your shop's policy, and your desires. Many late-model AC generators are not rebuilt. They are traded in as a core toward the purchase of a new or remanufactured unit.

A bad alternator could be the result of several problems. autozone has a testing unit for alternators. this tester provides for fast, easy mounting of the alternator. the alternator can be tested for rectifier and stator grounds and for opens or shorts in the field winding.

If you need to rebuild an alternator, the following photo sequence will give you an example of what it takes to do it. This procedure is for a specific type and model of generator. make sure you follow the procedures given by the manufacturer for the generator you are working on.

Typical Procedure for Disassembling a Ford IAR AC Generator

Always have a clean and organized work area. The tools required to disassemble a Ford IAR AC generator are rags, T20 torx screwdriver, plastic hammer, arbor press, 100-watt soldering iron, soft-jawed vise, safety glasses, and an assortment of sockets or nut drivers.

Using the torx screwdriver, remove the four attaching screws that hold the regulator to the ac generator housing.

Remove the regulator and brush assembly as a unit.

Using the torx screwdriver, remove the two screws that attach the regulator to the brush holder. Then separate the regulator from the brush holder.

Scribe or mark the two end housings and the stator core for reference during re-assembly.

Remove the three through bolts that secure the two housings.

Separate the front housing from the rear housing. The rotor will come out with the front housing, and the stator will stay in the rear housing. It may be necessary to tap the front housing with the plastic hammer to get the two halves to separate.

Separate the three stator lead terminals from the rectifier bridge.

Art courtesy of Delmar - Thomson Learning.

Remove the stator coil from the housing.