Driveshaft (RWD)


Do not bend or crimp driveshaft tubing or remove balance weights.
  • Mark the driveshaft so that it can be replaced in the same position. Use a crayon to mark the rear differential yoke and the companion flange.
Mark the rear differential yoke and the companion flange before removing the driveshaft.
  • Unbolt the rear U-joint from the differential companion flange.
  • Pry the rear U-joint forward away from the differential.
  • Wrap tape around the U-joint cups so that they cannot fall off the U-joint cross.
  • On a two-piece driveshaft, unbolt the center support bearing.
  • The driveshaft will now slip out of the transmission. When it is removed, oil will probably come out of the transmission. To prevent oil from leaking out of the transmission, install an old slip yolk onto the mainshaft splines. If an old yoke is not available, a plastic plug or a bushing installation tool can be used.
  • When the drive has been reinstalled, be sure to lubricate where any parts meet.