Carburetor/Fuel Injection Gasket


Carburetor Gasket

If the vehicle is equipped with a carburetor, it must be installed with the right gasket. Compare it to the old gasket. If you are doing a carburetor overhaul procedure and using a carburetor kit, usually the kit includes all of the gaskets you need.

To replace the carburetor gasket:

  • Disassemble the carburetor.
  • Remove all the old gasket material from metal mating surfaces.

To install the carburetor gasket:

  • If the carburetor has a detachable base, install the base gasket and screws. Be sure the gasket is properly positioned and tighten the screws to the specified torque.
  • Install the idle mixture screw. Bottom the screw lightly and back it out about 1.5 turns.
  • Install a new gasket on the seat and tighten the seat to the specified torque.
  • Install a new air horn gasket and install the needle valve, float, and float pin.
  • Finish reassembling the carburetor in reverse order of disassembly.

Fuel Injection Gasket

If you vehicle is equipped with a fuel injector, follow the steps below for gasket replacement. you'll need to remove the throttle body assembly when replacing the gasket.

  • Before reinstalling the throttle body assembly, make sure all metal mating surfaces are clean and free from metal burrs and scratches.
  • Make sure you have new gaskets and seals for all sealing surfaces before you begin to reinstall the assembly.
  • After everything that was disconnected is reconnected, reconnect the negative battery cable and disconnect the 12-volt power supply.