Speedometer Drive Gear



Removing Speedometer Drive Gear

  • Begin to remove the speedometer cable retainer and drive gear by cleaning off the top of the speedometer cable retainer.
  • Then remove the hold-down screw that keeps the retainer in its bore.
  • Carefully pull up on the speedometer cable, pulling the speedometer retainer and drive gear assembly from its bore.
  • Unscrew the speedometer cable from the retainer and carefully remove both the cable and the old O-ring seal.

Installing Speedometer Drive Gear

  • To reinstall the retainer, lightly grease the O-ring on the retainer and gently tap the retainer and gear assembly into its bore while lining the groove in the retainer with the screw hole in the side of the clutch housing case.
  • Install the hold-down screw and tighten it in place.