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Dimmer Switch


Remove the battery negative cable before replacing the dimmer switch.

Floor-Mounted Switches

  • Removal and replacement of the floor-mounted dimmer switch is done by first pulling back on the floor mat to expose the switch.
  • Disconnect the wire plug, and remove the hold-down fasteners.
  • Install the new dimmer switch and relocate the mat so it does not interfere with switch operation.

Steering Column-Mounted Switches

The steering column-mounted dimmer switch can be operated by an actuator control rod from the lever to a remotely mounted switch. Another style incorporates the dimmer switch into the multifunction switch.

To remove the remote switch:

  • First place fender covers on the fenders of the vehicle and disconnect the battery negative cable.
  • Disconnect the wire connectors at the switch.
  • Remove the two switch mounting screws and disengage the switch from the actuator rod.
  • When installing the switch, make sure the actuator rod is firmly seated into the switch.
  • During installation, adjust the position of the switch so that all actuator rod slack is taken up.
  • If the switch has alignment holes, compress the switch until two appropriately sized dowels can be inserted into the alignment holes.
  • While applying a slight rearward pressure, install and tighten the mounting bolts.
  • When the switch is adjusted properly it will click when the lever is lifted and again with it is returned to its downward position. The second click should occur just before the stop.

If the dimmer switch is part of the multifunction switch:

  • You'll need these tools to remove the switch: fender covers, battery terminal pliers, terminal puller assorted combination wrenches, torx drivers, and ohmmeter.
  • Place the fender covers around the battery work area. Loosen the negative battery clamp bolt are remove the clamp using terminal pullers.
  • Place the battery cable where it cannot contact the battery.
  • Remove the shroud retaining screws and remove the lower shroud from the column.
  • Loosen the steering column attaching nuts. Do not remove the nuts.
  • Lower the steering column enough to remove the upper shroud.
  • Remove the turn signal lever by slightly rotating the outer end of the lever then pulling straight on the lever.
  • Peel back on the foam shield from the turn signal switch then disconnect the turn signal switch electrical connections.
  • Remove the screws attaching the turn signal switch to the lock cylinder assembly and disengage the switch from the lock assembly.
  • To reinstall the multiswitch, reverse the procedure.
  • Torque the steering column attaching nuts to the amount specified in the service manual.