Fuel Pump Strainer


Automobiles and light trucks usually have an in-tank strainer and a gasoline filter. The strainer, located in the gasoline tank, is made of a finely woven fabric. The purpose of this strainer is to prevent large contaminant particles from entering the fuel system, where they could cause excessive fuel pump wear or plug fuel-metering devices. It also helps to prevent passage of any water that might be present in the tank. Servicing of the fuel tank strainer is seldom required.

Combination electric fuel pump and sending unit.

You should replace the fuel pump strainer when you replace an in-tank electric fuel pump. Some fuel pumps come with the strainer attached, if not, you can purchase and replace the fuel filter strainer separately.

To replace the strainer:

  • Remove the fuel pump or fuel sending unit.
  • Slide off the fuel strainer.
  • Slide the new one on.
  • Install the fuel pump or fuel sending unit.