Torque Converter



Torque converter problems can be caused by a leaking converter.

By determining the direction of fluid travel, the cause of a fluid leak around the torque converter can be identified. Courtesy of Ford Motor Company.

This type of problem may be the cause of slippage and a lack of power. To check the converter for leaks, remove the converter access cover and examine the area around the torque converter shell.

An engine oil leak may be falsely diagnosed as a converter leak. The color of engine oil is different than transmission fluid and may help identify the true source of the leak. However, if the oil or fluid has absorbed much dirt, both will look the same.

  • An engine leak typically leaves an oil film on the front of the converter shell, whereas a converter leak will cause the entire shell to be wet.
  • If the transmission's oil pump seal is leaking, only the back side of the shell will be wet.
  • If the converter is leaking or damaged, it should be replaced.