Control Arm Assembly


  • The control arm assembly normally includes the control arm shaft and bushing and the ball joints. It may also include a stabilizer link set.
  • The control arm is normally checked along with the ball joints and the control arm bushing.
  • Check the visual condition of the ball joint and the control arm for cracks or breaks in the metal, which indicate a probable failure.
The control arm should be checked for cracks before replacing the ball joint. Courtesy of Federal-Mogul Corporation.
  • These cracks often show up as reddish-colored, loose rust streaks or dirt-free areas in otherwise dirty parts. A sudden separation of a ball joint from a control arm can have catastrophic results.
  • Listen for noise, which may indicate a defective steering knuckle control arm stop or worn or damaged mounts or bushings.
  • Worn or damaged mounts or bushings could also cause steering instability, pulling to one side, hard steering, or a shimmy.