Companion Flange


  • Remove the driveshaft.
  • You do not have to replace a companion flange if the only damage is a wear groove caused by a hardened pinion seal. A repair sleeve can be fitted on flange using a special tool. Also, the flange can be welded and machined back to specs. This is precision work, however. If neither option is available or the flange is bent or has other damage, it will have to be replaced.
  • A very important part of this job is to maintain the tension on the pinion bearing crush sleeve.
  • Always use a long bar to hold the yoke from turning while loosening the pinion nut. Using an impact wrench can damage the ring and pinion or the pinion bearings.
Use a bar to restrain the flange while loosening the pinion nut.
  • Use a puller to remove the flange. Do not use a hammer. A flange can be easily bent, which will cause driveline vibration.
Use a puller to remove the flange.