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    Oil Pump Screen


    The pickup screen and should be replaced when an engine is rebuilt.

    To remove the pickup screen:

    • Determine its location and method of attachment.
    • Some pickup screens are pressfit and other are bolted on.
    • Remove the screen and in tube in one piece.

    To replace the pickup screen:

    • The screen must be properly positioned.
      • This is important to avoid oil pan interference and to ensure that the pickup is always submerged in oil.
    • To make the oil pump pickup tube installation easier, there are several types of drivers available that are suitable for use with air-powered equipment or with a light mallet.
    Using a special driver and hammer to install the pickup tube into and oil pump. Courtesy of Goodson Shop Supplies.
    • Make sure the oil pump pickup tube is properly installed and be sure to use new gaskets and seals.
    Use new gaskets and seals when installing the oil pump pickup tube. Courtesy of DaimlerChrysler Corporation.
    • Air leaks on the suction side of the oil pump can cause the pressure relief valve to hammer back and forth.
      • Over a period of time, this will cause the valve to fail.
      • Air leaks can also cause oil aeration, foaming, marginal lubrication, and premature engine wear.
    • Care should be taken to make sure all parts on the suction side of the pump fit tightly and there is no place for air leakage.
    • Air leakage often comes from cracked seams in the pickup tube.

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