Oil Pump


The instructions here for the installation of either type of pump are general. Specific installation directions, as well as oil priming instructions (if necessary), can be found in the service manual.

In the case of a typical distributor-driven oil pump, the installation should be performed in the following manner:

Installation of an oil pump driven by the distributor. Courtesy of General Motors Corporation-Chevrolet Motor Division.
  • Position the intermediate drive shaft into the distributor socket.
  • With the shaft firmly seated, the stop on the shaft should touch the roof of the crankcase.
  • Remove the shaft and position the stop as necessary.
  • With the stop properly positioned, insert the intermediate drive shaft into the oil pump. Install the pump and shaft as an assembly.
  • Do not attempt to force the pump into position if it will not seat readily. The drive shaft hex might be misaligned with the distributor shaft.
  • To align, rotate the intermediate drive shaft into a new position.
  • Tighten the oil pump attaching screws to torque specifications.
  • Clean and install the oil pump inlet tube and screen assembly.

The installation of a typical camshaft-driven oil pump is done as follows:

Installation of an integral oil pump driven directly by the crankshaft. Courtesy of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
  • Apply a suitable sealant to the pump and block.
  • Install the pump to its full depth and rotate it back and forth slightly to ensure proper positioning and alignment through the full surface of the pump and the block machined interface surfaces.
  • Once installed, tighten the bolts or screws. The pump must be held in a fully seated position while installing bolts or screws.