Control Module


The ignition module removal and replacement procedure varies depending on the ignition system. Always follow the procedure in the vehicle manufacture's service manual.

For a distributor-mounted module:

  • Remove the battery wire from the coil battery terminal, and remove the inner wiring connector on the primary coil terminals. Remove the spark plug wires from the cap.
  • Rotate the distributor latches one-half turn and lift the cap from the distributor.
  • Remove the two rotor retaining bolts and the rotor.
  • Remove the primary leads and the pickup leads from the module.
  • Remove the two module mounting screws, and remove the module from the distributor housing.
  • Wipe the module mounting surface clean, and place a light coating of silicone heat-dissipating grease on the module mounting surface.
Lack of silicone grease on the module mounting surface may cause module overheating and damage.
  • Install the module and tighten the module mounting screws to the specified torque.
  • Install the primary leads and pickup leads on the module.
  • Be sure the lug on the centrifugal advance mechanism fits into the rotor notch while installing the rotor, and tighten the rotor mounting screws to the specified torque.
  • Install the distributor cap, and be sure the projection in the cap fits in the housing notch.
  • Push down on the cap latches with a screwdriver, and rotate the latches until the lower part of the latch is hooked under the distributor housing.
  • Install the coil primary leads and battery wire on the coil terminals. Be sure the notch on the primary leads fits onto the cap projection. Install the spark plug wires.