Point Set and Condenser - Ignition


  • Points are usually replaced at about 10,000 mile intervals as part of a tune-up.
  • A condenser, or capacitor, is installed with contact points.

The points and condenser are easy to replace.

  • The breaker points (also known as the point set) are located under the distributor cap and rotor.
  • A big problem that beginners have with point replacement is dropping the small screw that fastens the points to the breaker plate inside the distributor. A special spring-loaded screwdriver is available that holds the screw during installation.
  • The points consist of a fixed contact, movable contact, movable arm, rubbing block, pivot, and spring. The fixed contact is grounded through the distributor housing, and the movable contact is connected to the negative terminal of the coil's primary winding.
  • The condenser is attached to the movable arm.
  • After removing the points, lubricate the distributor cam with cam lubricant so the rubbing block does not wear out.
  • Be sure to get the correct condenser for the system. A condenser of the wrong capacity will result in a deposit of metal from one side of the points to the other.
  • To replace, use the screwdriver to replace the wires and screw the parts into position.